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Successful Email marketing Strategy

Email marketing plays a vital role in the internet marketing strategy. Email marketing helps to drive more Returns on investment for your business. Email marketing involves permission-based email broadcasts either to current clients (or prospective ones) on an in-house list or prospects on third-party list. We are proud to introduce our self as a reputed Email Marketing agency in Texas USA provides a complete e marketing solutions for our clients.

With so many tasks to manage, such as:
  •   Handling an auto-responder
  •   Managing subscriptions of your clients
  •   Sending of emails to your potential customers
  •   Sending out follow up emails

When developing plans for email marketing communications, marketers need to plan for

  • Outbound e-mail marketing, where e-mail campaigns are used as a form of direct marketing to encourage trials and purchases and as part of a customer relationship management dialogue.
  • Inbound e-mail marketing, where e-mails from customers such as support and sales enquiries are managed.

How advanced is your email marketing?

Use our Email marketing capability review to assess your current use of email marketing and to decide how you want to improve email marketing

  •   Email marketing helps to track the accurate returns on investment
  •   Email marketing helps Marketers to reach out Potential customers to a large extent.
  •   Brand awareness can be increased with the help of Email marketing
  •   In the real world all the interest users checks or sends the emails in daily routine.
  •   Transactional emails for the businesses to sends the alerts on events like purchases, updates in accounts.
  •   Email allows marketers to reach out to consumers with personalized, relevant, dynamic messages.

So the questions are why should one go about email marketing? Well here are a few thoughts on the matter:

Why eMail Marketing?

Cost Effective

Email marketing is proving to be a more cost-effective online marketing strategy. A research shows that about 20% of marketing impacts can be generated with the help of email marketing. This helps the Marketers to reach out the more audiences and their business to generate revenue.

Targeted Marketing.

Email marketing helps to target the audience by specific Geographic location,Age or income. While it can't be done with the help of Print email marketing.

Measurable and Analytical

We can measure with the help of certain tools in order to determine the percentage of visitors arrived to our site,Conversion rates,click through rates,Bounce rate.

Building your email marketing list

An up-to-date database is the starting point for your permission-based email marketing strategy. Your contact list must have all the necessary information about recipients so that you can target your messages. These recipients must have given their permission for you to send them marketing emails by 'opting in' on a form or on your website. Make sure you include simple opt-in tick boxes on all your marketing material.

Email Campaigning Setup

Benefits of Email Marketing

Target email marketing helps to create a fast and reliable connection with the customers. In wefix365,here we provide a complete Email marketing solutions for sending Direct postal mails and Tele sales. The main approaches of E marketing includes the Following:

  • Wefix365 as a Reputed Email marketing agency will help you to increase your sales using Email Campaigning in order to target the potential customers so that they would know why they should purchase your products?  However at very first time not most of the people will Purchase your products and therefore Email marketing helps the People by Continously send the emails so that the peoples must know about the availability of products.

  • Up-sell and cross-sell is an art and science to represent the customers about the Complementary of products they are currently interested in. According to latest Marketing research the Cross-sell and Up-sells helps to increase commerce by 10-30% revenues.
    Suppose a customer selects a Computer,the customer is presented with a numerous options to upgrade the processor. Therefore a Merchant tries to up-sell the customer to a more powerful computer.
    Thus they are trying to spend customer more expenses on the current system they are interested in.
    After selecting the computer processor upgrade by the customer, they proceed with the other option to add a printer to the computer system. A printer is thus a more convenient device to the computer system. Therefore this would consider as a Cross-sell.

  • Email marketing helps to drive more offline purchases of the customers. A survey shows about 59% users said that they made a Purchase after seeing the email promotion. However the user might sometimes don't have time to wait for a delivery of a product to come, thus the user go straight away and purchase for the desired product. If you are running a Traditional offline business, We provide you the best email marketing services to drive more and more offline purchases.

  • However the most important aspect of email marketing is the returns on investments. As email marketing don't require Printing expenses, postage charge, no advertising fees. In fact, email marketing is affordable as per online marketing aspects. A survey shown by Direct Marketing Association is that, an email marketing brings about $40 for every $1 spend, performing searches and displays

  • Email Marketing is one of the Easiest marketing strategies that helps to grow anyone's Business in an effective way. It is fast enough to reach thousands of Mails,Newsletters to the audiences in due time.Hence Email marketing is the reliable way to promote your Business.

Quick Email Marketing Statistics

  •   An average American marketer allots 15% of the total marketing budget to email marketing
  •   An average of two out of every three brands undertake email marketing.
  •   71% of businesses plan email campaigns on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis

Why not try yourself and see the difference!